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Sometimes houston sucks

When it comes to seeing live music, Houstonians are notoriously bad. Local artists and even touring bands have a hard time finding venues that aren't filled with chatty patrons seemingly more interested in booze than the music.

At many of Houston’s popular dives, music is considered a sensory layer, rather than a means unto itself. The “listening room” craze of cities like Austin and Nashville hasn’t caught on.

Don't just take my word for it-

So instead of a venue for my latest EP release I ended up throwing a house show with a handful of other local acts. It was such a great time that we had to it again, and again and there seems to be no stopping now. 

Focusing on an intimate listening room vibe has become the base of each show we put on which allows for community between local artists and potential fans. I encourage any Houstonian, or whomever, also irritated by this noisy trend to host their own house show. 

If you would like to be a part of the next show please email me PATRIC.JOHNSTONBOOKING@GMAIL.COM